Some Things To Consider

Some Things to Consider

Wondering why you need an inspection at all? What should you look for in a home inspector? What challenges & issues regarding homes are unique to the Austin, Texas metro area?We hope you’ll find some answers & helpful information below. Please use the link below to email us with any questions you might have during your reading.
Hiring A Home Inspector
Credentials and Qualifications:
Your Home Inspector should be knowledgeable about the construction and building industry standards.  Does he know the latest inspection standards?  Does he use up-to-date software for reporting?
Don’t be afraid to ask for his qualifications & level of experience. A professional home inspection is very important and can add value to your home and peace of mind to the prospective buyer, but your inspection is only as good as the inspector’s skill. At a minimum, inspectors must be fully licensed and insured as required by the Texas Real Estate Commission.
Range of Inspection
Determine what exactly the inspection will and will not cover. Most of the time the inspection will cover almost all visible aspects of a house, although some exceptions will apply. If you had several specialists come out to review every aspect of a house, the cost would be tremendous. A general home inspection can find most issues of concern in a single visit. At All Clear Home Inspections, we schedule a separate wood-destroying insect, septic, well, and pool inspection as needed. While these inspections will cost you more upfront, they can save you from spending a lot of money on future repair costs.
Sample Inspection Report
Ask for a sample inspection report to get a specific idea of what you will be getting for your money. Is it thorough and detailed? Is there room on the report for written comments and suggestions, or is it just check boxes? Is the report easy to read and understand?  Does the report have pictures throughout to help you understand the findings?
A home inspector with a great track record will be able to give you recent and previous references. Don’t hesitate to ask us for references!

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